Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M Specialization

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Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M Specialization

Not everyone knows that several consultants from our technology team are Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M Certified Implementation Specialist.

It confirms their new knowledge and skills in the field of Engineered Systems solutions. This certification gives as well Red Stack Poland the opportunity to carry out projects related to this latest Oracle technology.

It is a rare certificate on the market, which further emphasizes the uniqueness and value of the skills that our company has. Our team is constantly working in the area of Engineered Systems solutions and project implementation successes encourage further development. That is why we are eager to improve our qualifications and go on for new challenges.

We invite our current and future customers to cooperate and use our services in this area.

We constantly confirm our Oracle competences and the list of our specializations is growing every year. At the moment we have as many as 8 Oracle reseller rights:

  • Oracle Cloud Platform
  • Oracle Hyperion
  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Oracle x86 Systems
  • Oracle Java SE Subscription to Public Sector
  • Service: Oracle Database
  • Installation SVC: Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Service: Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c