Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography has strengthened the security of its IT infrastructure with dedicated solutions


Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography has strengthened the security of its IT infrastructure with dedicated solutions

Client: Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography (GUGiK)

GUGiK provides access to current geodetic and cartographic information and co-creates a modern spatial data infrastructure. In the second half of 2018 GUGiK undertook actions aimed at publishing the cadastral data directly from the poviat (county) servers to create web services providing broad access to all poviat data bases. There are 380 counties where the land and building register is stored (cadastral database). In total, the Polish cadastral database consists of 37 million parcels and about 15 million buildings.

The Business Challenge  

Red Stack Poland faced a significant security challenge while implementing the project for GUGiK.  The objective of the installation was to upgrade the client’s current database environment to the latest versions and concurrently migrate their virtualization solution from Oracle VM to Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager (OLVM). OLVM was chosen as it proved to be more cost-effective and well supported solution. Renewal and implementing a safer environment was covered by the following Oracle products:

  • Oracle SOA Suite for Oracle Middleware v.
  • Oracle WebLogic Suite v.
  • Oracle Directory Services Plus v.
  • Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager v. 4.3

However, Red Stack Poland encountered a lack of comprehensive backup and data recovery solutions in the market to cover that complex environment, except for Storware software.

“The main challenge in planning our infrastructure was to find a solution that included the following key elements: timeliness, cost effectiveness and security. We wondered how to implement this efficiently, so that the chosen solution would bring significant savings and at the same time meet all our technical requirements.” – said Michal Rozentalski, Head – Cybersecurity Plenipotentiary in the GIS Maintenance and Operations Department, in the Department of Informatization . “In the end, we decided on the Oracle OLVM solution because it met all the necessary criteria, and the Storware backup and recovery solution perfectly complemented this environment”.

„I was impressed by the professional approach of Red Stack Poland to the entire tender process, the development of infrastructure architecture and the conduct of the procedure. Their engineers showed great knowledge of Oracle products and preparation for their implementation. I wish the Red Stack Poland team further successes and I wish to us the number of partners with such experience to grow” – said Dariusz Durałek, Public Sector Sales Director from Oracle Polska.

The Solution
Storware Backup and Recovery is supporting both Oracle VM and Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager. This integration allows for seamless backup and recovery operations, providing flexibility and efficiency to organizations migrating to Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager (OLVM) without additional licensing costs.

For GUGiK the backups were performed on the virtual environment of Data Rail and LDAP repository, which were installed on OLVM virtual machines. Storware Backup and Recovery effectively handled these backups and stored them on a replicated disk resource provided by the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance NAS device.

The environment is critical for all the publicly provided critical GUGiK applications catering to a wide range of users. Storware Backup and Recovery stands out as the most practical solution due to its seamless integration with OLVM. Furthermore,  Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager is the only virtualization solution on the market where Oracle allows licensing per single core of a virtual machine and not per physical processor, making it a cost-effective choice.

Storware’s solution not only enables secure disk backups but also provides the flexibility to secure objects on cloud when a client adopts a different approach in the future. The integration seamlessly extends to cloud-based backups, ensuring data protection regardless of the infrastructure. Additionally, Storware’s user-friendly interface enhances the overall experience, making it the ideal choice for both, GUGiK and Red Stack Poland.

As a result Storware Backup and Recovery software version 5.1.0 was installed on a virtual machine running Oracle Linux 8 OS, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

Establishing a partnership with Red Stack Poland helped Storware to highlights the extensive support provided to GUGiK infrastructure by their Backup and Recovery solution for Oracle VM and Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager. With its integration capabilities, cost-effective licensing model, and future-ready features, Storware’s solution is the optimal choice for organizations seeking reliable and efficient backup and recovery solutions for OLVM environments.

Oracle is a cloud technology company. It provides organizations around the world with IT infrastructure and software that help them innovate, improve efficiency and increase productivity.  Oracle has also created the world’s first and only autonomous database that helps organize and secure customer data.

Storware is a leading provider of data protection and management solutions. With a focus on delivering innovative backup and recovery software, Storware helps organizations safeguard their data and ensure business continuity.

Red Stack Poland is a leading provider of services, hardware and software specializing in professional and maintenance services as well as database environments. It has an exceptionally experienced and committed team of experts who constantly supervise the active search for comprehensive and optimal solutions tailored to the requirements  of  Klient’s business environment, implementation of innovative technologies and professional project management. The team of technological consultants of Red Stack Poland ensures high security, flexibility and constant quality of services provided as well as professional remote and onsite service.

Red Stack Poland is a member of the Oracle Partner Network community and as a Partner Oracle has extensive experience in providing Oracle license and hardware products to customers, including Oracle Cloud technology solutions certified by the Sell Expertise in Oracle Cloud Platform in Eastern Europe.