About Us

About Us

Red Stack Poland

Red Stack Poland has been active in the Polish market since September 2017. Before that, our key employees worked in the Polish branch of the British company Red Stack Tech LLC, gaining experience in supporting both Polish and international customers. Starting from 2017, on the basis of a cooperation agreement between the two companies, Red Stack Poland has taken over the responsibility for providing services to all Polish customers and since then has been operating completely independently.

The branches of Red Stack Poland are located in Warsaw and Kraków. Warsaw is the seat of the company’s sales office, while in Kraków there is the Global Delivery Centre operating on a 24/7 basis.


Who we are?

We specialize in maintenance projects and maintenance services related to infrastructure, cloud and database technologies. We work on wide variety of hardware platforms.

Red Stack Poland is an expert company specializing in implementation of projects and provision of maintenance services related to infrastructure (servers, storage, virtualization), clouds and database technologies. The projects we deliver concern mainly design and implementation of IT infrastructure. We also offer a diagnosis of the state of the environment, knowledge transfer, and conduct (thanks to cooperation with academic teachers) dedicated trainings. A detailed description of the professional services provided is available in the Services tab.

In the field of maintenance, the company specializes in temporary or permanent maintenance of the company’s IT infrastructure with an SLA guarantee and at a fixed lump sum price. We can maintain the entire infrastructure or its elements (for example, databases or a server environment). Our offer also includes support services for IT personnel of the company (e.g. during vacations or sick leave or for the periods of peak workload). We place great importance on security requirements, as well as on compliance with formal requirements related to the entrustment of personal data processing.

Our competences


  • Oracle Database Administration 2019 Certified Professional
  • Oracle Database Appliance 2021 Solution Engineer Specialist
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c Certified Implementation Specialist
  • Oracle Database 12c Maximum Availability Certified Expert

Cloud services (IaaS/PaaS)

  • Oracle Database Cloud Administrator 2021 Certified Professional​
  • Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Certified Specialist
  • Oracle Integration Cloud 2022 Solution Certified Engineer Specialist
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 Certified Architect Associate​


  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine 2016 Certified Implementation Specialist
  • Oracle SPARC Server Update 2020 Solution Certified Engineer Specialist
  • Oracle Linux 6 System Administrator Certified Professional
  • Oracle GoldenGate 12c Certified Implementation Specialist