Managed Services empower sustainable IT transformation


Managed Services empower sustainable IT transformation

IT managed services are particularly highlighted by firms that by following the market and being aware of its next challenges see the necessity of their digital transformation. These companies are looking for remote and hybrid deployments solutions and ways to efficiently manage increasingly complex infrastructure. They often require additional external analysis of the current IT environment, consultancy in the field of development works and the best way to implement them. And above all they need to have an access to specialists who will have extensive expert knowledge and will quickly become familiar with their companies’ operation.

As IT Managed Services specialists we enable companies to implement, maintain and optimize  database, virtual, cloud environments and infrastructure. What’s more we enable companies to simplify and streamline their IT operations by introducing market proven on-premise technologies and cloud solutions. From building cloud-based solutions to creating a high availability environments for tuning performance and optimizing licensing resources, we provide our customers with every IT service they need while also bringing extensive technological, organizational and market experience.

Our targeted expertise and ability to effectively fit customer needs combined with the ability to scale their IT systems represents a unique market value. We offer support in the 24/7 regime, we provide access to specialists with rare competence and efficiently implement projects in the area of our competence.

We had the opportunity to present the high quality and value of the IT Managed Services we provide during our constant cooperation with the deep-sea container terminal operator. In a certain period of time, the client increased the number of reloaded containers several times, while his IT infrastructure could not keep up with the pace of growing performance, access and security requirements resulting from the scale of the operations challenges. So he asked us for help. We quickly expanded its IT infrastructure, transforming it to support the currently growing business needs while maintaining high availability of the system. We were maintaining the IT environment all the time and the whole process took place without affecting current operational activities.

We are witnessing a significant rise in demand for remotely delivered IT services as organizations are under increased pressure to resolve old as well as new problems. They are seeking for trained, highly-skilled and experienced professionals who can provide cost-effective solutions.

Thanks to our organization, knowledge and high competence we are able to optimize costs and take care of many clients at the same time. This simply work for an attractive cost of services comparing to costs associated with building or extending an internal, dedicated team at customer side. At the same time our tailor-made service constantly maintains its quality – we ensure continuous protection of all components of the IT environment managed by us. We also offer solutions for the acquisition, maintenance and development of these specialists.

Our solution is ideally suited to the business model of a large telecommunications operator, with whom we constantly cooperate as part of support for internal administration teams. Part of the administrative activities is carried out by our technology team cooperating with the team of client administrators. Whenever the client needs to extend the team, he has at his disposal IT consultants from our entire technology team. They are familiar with its environment and without long additional introductions they are able to take operational action quickly. What’s more as our technology team interacts with a team of client administrators they can quickly adapt to the periodically increased requirements related to, e.g. new local implementations and in international projects or when there is a need to replenish competence in less frequently used technologies, as well as when permanent employees are absent due to illness or holidays.

In developing sustainable IT transformation path we are a trusted partner of the customer and an software solution vendors ambassador. Our aim is to relieve internal departments from the current administration of infrastructure, systems and database so that the customer can redirect teams to new projects and focus on business goals and further development of the company.

Close collaboration between the client and the technology team – who understand the needs of the organization – enables client’s innovation and development plans implementation in accordance with the pace of the transformation. Our role here is to maintain a consistently high quality of provided services while taking into account the customer’s IT security strategy. We would like the customer to feel comfortable with the implemented solution and we want to provide him the access to knowledge and new operational and business opportunities.