We are 5 years ahead


We are 5 years ahead

We provide IT managed services continuously for 5 years, build long-term relationships with our clients and strive for the best training and certification of our technical team with our technology partners and spreading cooperation with them. We have created an original concept of report diagnosing the state of the client’s IT environment, the so-called RSP HealthCheck.

Our achievements

During this time, we have been growing financially and in number of team members. These results have been distinguished twice in the Business Gazelles ranking of small and medium-sized businesses awarded annually by the “Puls Biznesu” daily. In 2021 Red Stack Poland annual revenue reached over PLN 36 million with an increase of almost 248 percent, in 2020 it was PLN 15 million with an increase of over 120 percent. This year additionally we were among the companies that improved their position, 2662 positions up.

“All of these achievements we owe to our customers, partners and our team and their constant motivation for further development.  Our success was determined by the unique combination of agility  of a startup and the expertise of a qualified team of mobile engineers and administrators. Together with our team, which has extensive experience in building and managing large IT infrastructure, we have been constantly focused on acquiring new and diverse projects and talents. At the same time, we are aware that we are entering a new stage of the company’s development” – says Paweł Polok, Founder and CEO of Red Stack Poland.

A bit of history

Red Stack Poland has been active in the Polish market since September 2017. It was spun off from Red Stack Tech LCC (now Data Intensity LLC). During the acquisition of Red Stack Tech LLC, Paweł Polok, who at that time was the country sales director, made a mutually advantageous offer to take over the Polish branch of the British company and separate it. As part of the transaction, Red Stack Poland take over all contracts in Poland, as well as key members of the original technology team. Since then, Red Stack Poland develops its potential and strengthens its leading position in IT managed services on the Polish market. It also participates in international projects for its clients.

“In connection with our customer demand growth, we are constantly expanding our portfolio of managed services. We are providing specialized and high-quality remote database and infrastructure management services – sums up Paweł Polok. When I made the decision to found Red Stack Poland I wanted to continue providing customers with services related to the performance and correctness of their environments in a cost-effective model. Building and developing of Red Stack Poland I based on cooperation with partners with whom I have been professionally connected from the very beginning of my IT way.”

We focus on people and specializations

The overriding value of our business is the best customer service in Poland and abroad. For 5 years, we have continued our commitment to hire only the best specialists. Our Red Stack Team is five times bigger now. Experienced professionals usually enjoy many of the challenges of working in the environment of a young and agile company. Red Stack Poland is waiting for such candidates to extend our team and allow these experts to develop their skills further. Every year, many talented IT engineers come up from the Polish education system, whom we gladly invite to our team.

“The big challenge at the time of forming Red Stack Poland organization was to take over key members of the technology team. Encouraging part of the team to join us required presenting a clear and prospective vision of the project. The trust they gave us today pays off with good cooperation, development of these people along with the development of the company – adds Michał Potręć, IT Delivery Manager at Red Stack  Poland. At Red Stack Tech LLC he led the team providing services to customers. With these key engineers, it was possible to maintain the continuity of services delivered to customers during the transformation of both companies. We certainly took into account the fact that customers expected reliable engineers’ support and a high level of their knowledge. From the beginning we take care to meet specific customer expectations every day by expanding the delivery team and its competences.”

We move on

We have been successfully operating since 2017.  We are reliable, are developing dynamically and we are in good financial condition. We have become a strong player in Poland and in the European space of managed IT services. We invest in expanding cloud services for customers, concentrating – among other things – on migrations and deployments focused on remote work. At the same time, we will continue to expand our existing practices, helping customers maintain Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Windows environments and migrate to new cloud platforms in the coming years.