University Clinical Hospital in Poznan extend and optimize database environment thanks to Oracle solutions


University Clinical Hospital in Poznan extend and optimize database environment thanks to Oracle solutions

University Clinical Hospital in Poznan had a need to expand their existing server infrastructure across multiple locations, increasing number of data and complex processes. They possessed a medical system based on Oracle’s technology. Due to the necessity of expanding Oracle Database environment, the Hospital wanted to acquire dedicated solutions from Oracle to utilize Hard Partitioning technology. This would optimize the usage of database licenses and enable the implementation of High Availability solutions between the Hospital centers.

The Hospital’s current environment has been expanded with Oracle Database Appliance X9-2-HA devices. Additionally, virtualization software licenses were supplied, sufficient for the built environment. The implementation of the purchase process belonged to Red Stack Poland, a partner of Oracle Polska.

The Hospital’s infrastructure has grown significantly, allowing for the scalability of the database environment. This has enabled the Hospital to achieve a high-performing and reliable system. The solution guarantees flexibility and can easily be expanded with additional resources in the future, thanks to virtualization.

Oracle is a cloud technology company. It provides organizations around the world with IT infrastructure and software that help them innovate, improve efficiency and increase productivity.  Oracle has also created the world’s first and only autonomous database that helps organize and secure customer data.

Red Stack Poland is a leading provider of services, hardware and software specializing in professional and maintenance services as well as database environments. It has an exceptionally experienced and committed team of experts who constantly supervise the active search for comprehensive and optimal solutions tailored to the requirements  of  Klient’s business environment, implementation of innovative technologies and professional project management. The team of technological consultants of Red Stack Poland ensures high security, flexibility and constant quality of services provided as well as professional remote and onsite service.

Red Stack Poland is a member of the Oracle Partner Network community and as a Partner Oracle has extensive experience in providing Oracle license and hardware products to customers, including Oracle Cloud technology solutions certified by the Sell Expertise in Oracle Cloud Platform in Eastern Europe.