Mazzoni enters the world of Oracle Cloud


Mazzoni enters the world of Oracle Cloud

The Mazzoni company was founded in 2005, currently it is one of the leading domestic furniture manufacturers. The company’s offer includes several types and sizes of assortment, including benches, tables, as well as wardrobes, showcases and chests of drawers.

Mazzoni’s IT system has been based so far on old-generation systems that do not use a relational database to store and process information.

“Until now, we have not used the ERP system” – comments Maciej Bugajny, sales specialist at Mazzoni. “We relied mainly on the Subiekt GT program and software provided by machines distributors for production and warehouse maintenance, while in sale on the BaseLinker platform. The core of our activity is production, which requires constant planning and skillful distribution of resources. We decided to move into the twenty-first century thanks to the implementation of the renowned ERP system Impuls EVO, built in Oracle technology by BPSC, and the cloud model at one go.”

The implementation of the system began in April 2023 and is being carried out by a team of experts specializing in the installation of the Impuls EVO system. Red Stack Poland is also the project partner and prepared the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure cloud platform for the requirements of the IMPULS EVO system. In the first phase, the following modules will be implemented: Production Management, Human Resources, Payroll, Material Management, Distribution, Finance, Accounting, Costs and Fixed Assets. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023.

“After a thorough analysis and comparison of both solution models (classic/cloud), we decided to use Oracle Cloud mainly because of the cost and flexibility of this solution” – adds Maciej Bugajny. “We expect that thanks to the implemented cloud solutions, most processes will run much more efficiently and faster. However, in our opinion, one of the main advantages of using the cloud is lower costs. In addition, this model also allows you to use resources as needed, offering flexibility and the ability to modify settings in a very simple way. The cloud model does not require constant maintenance, modernization – all these aspects remain on the side of the service provider.”

“Using ERP applications in Oracle Cloud provides users not only with the convenience of operating IT infrastructure, but above all with predictable costs that can be included in operating budgets” – said Sebastian Jastrzębski, Cloud Platform Sales Representative from Oracle Polska. “The customer is not forced to incur huge initial investment costs, in addition, he obtains a large relief in the daily care of the base. A huge advantage of Oracle Cloud – especially important today, when cybercriminal attacks are intensifying – are also excellent security mechanisms that are considered by analysts to be the best in the industry.”

The role of Red Stack Poland in the project was to comprehensively prepare a platform ready to implement the ERP Impuls system in Oracle Cloud. The completed tasks include designing and creating a secure network architecture, configuring a VPN connection, creating and launching a database service and virtual machines, as well as installing and configuring the required RDS (Remote Desktop Services) roles and AD (Active Directory) service.

The Mazzoni company received support from the Red Stack Poland team in selecting a new network device to establish a secure IPSec VPN connection between the on premise environment and the public cloud. The key challenge in this case was the appropriate network segmentation and configuration of network traffic rules between individual areas. All those important to meet all the requirements of the installed services on the one hand and on the other to enable only the necessary network traffic, ensuring the highest level of security of the entire solution.

Oracle is a cloud technology company. It provides organizations around the world with IT infrastructure and software that help them innovate, improve efficiency and increase productivity.  Oracle has also created the world’s first and only autonomous database that helps organize and secure customer data.

Red Stack Poland is a leading provider of services, hardware and software specializing in professional and maintenance services as well as database environments. It has an exceptionally experienced and committed team of experts who constantly supervise the active search for comprehensive and optimal solutions tailored to the requirements  of  Klient’s business environment, implementation of innovative technologies and professional project management. The team of technological consultants of Red Stack Poland ensures high security, flexibility and constant quality of services provided as well as professional remote and onsite service.

Red Stack Poland is a member of the Oracle Partner Network community and as a Partner Oracle has extensive experience in providing Oracle license and hardware products to customers, including Oracle Cloud technology solutions certified by the Sell Expertise in Oracle Cloud Platform in Eastern Europe.