Uniwersytecki Szpital Kliniczny in Wroclaw focuses on development along with modern IT infrastructure from Oracle

Uniwersytecki Szpital Kliniczny in Wroclaw focuses on development along with modern IT infrastructure from Oracle

Uniwersytecki Szpital Kliniczny (USK) in Wroclaw is a vast hospital complex consisting of 25 clinics, 29 wards, operating rooms, treatment rooms, laboratories, 30 outpatient clinics and 15 laboratories for patients. A modern and efficient IT infrastructure is necessary to manage such a complex organism. Therefore, in 2021, the Hospital decided to radically renew the IT equipment and database licenses used in its operations.

The Hospital’s Oracle Database relational database software has been upgraded to the latest version. As well options for maximum data security have been implemented, such as the Data Guard replication mechanism and the Oracle Real Application Clusters system. Finally the databases have been installed on modern an Oracle Engineered System – Oracle Database Appliance X8-2-HA.

An additional element of the project was the creation of a backup data processing center, which further increases the level of security for the current operations of the Hospital. The implementation was carried out by Red Stack Poland, a partner of Oracle Polska.

“The database hardware and software used so far have ceased to meet the requirements related to the challenges of the new times and the rapidly growing scope of the Hospital’s operations” – comments Robert Grochulski, responsible for the Healthcare Sector at Oracle Polska. “Both outdated hardware and outdated versions of Oracle’s database meant that the entire IT system had too little performance to handle current and planned activities of the facility. An additional problem was the need to install new functionalities required by the National Health Fund, the Ministry of Health or the e-Health Center and the constant expansion of the scope of activity to include new medical entities. In this situation, the decision to radically renew the IT infrastructure was inevitable.”


“The use of hardware and database licenses from the same manufacturer, Oracle, is an excellent choice for security and ease of service on the environment. An additional advantage is the possibility of expanding the database part on the implemented hardware layer – added Piotr Okal from Arrow ECS. We are pleased to have been able to advise at the consultation stage based on our previous experience in the medical market and beyond.”


The new equipment will significantly improve and accelerate the operation of IT systems used in the current operations of the Hospital – such as electronic medical documentation and more. The investment allows for adequate protection of medical data – thanks to a backup computing center creation, ensures the security of IT systems and a radical increase in the efficiency of key medical systems in the facility.

“We are proud of the project carried out at USK Wroclaw. During the implementation we overcome many serious challenges” – says Maciej Skalski, Business Development Manager at Red Stack Poland. “One of the problems was the deadline for the project implementation related to EU funding. The production migration process was also a very big logistical and coordination challenge – IT systems were completely unavailable during the critical weekend from 16:00 on Friday to 22:00 on Saturday.  On Sunday, the operation of the systems was tested and successively restored. However, everything went according to plan, and the appropriate infrastructure and the number of database licenses allow USK Wroclaw’s IT systems to work properly today, both in terms of functionality and performance.”

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